H2O Gaming Community

We are a multiplayer game community on the SA-MP multiplayer platform, hosting the famous SWAT vs Terrorists SA-MP server since 2018 and counting!

SWAT vs Terrorists

SWAT vs Terrorists is a famous team-deathmatch SA-MP server on 0.3.7, running smoothly since 2018 with a dedicated team of experienced staff members and active management. We are updating the server on a regular basis and updates come from time to time, that include bug fixes, improvements and implementations. Why not become part of our project today?


Forums are a place where people can interact with each other, share media and attachments and discuss important subjects that may be related to our project. We also post our recent updates on the forums. The registration process is simple and quick, and allows you to access all of the forums.


Did you know? We have a discord server. Discord is a voice chat for gamers, with which you can talk to players who are also part of our project.


Track over 400+ servers or add your own server through our advanced and user-friendly SA-MP servers monitor or even get a cool signature for your favorite server!

More about us

We are a gaming community hosting multiple services like a SA-MP server, which is known as SWAT vs Terrorists and a community forums where our members can discuss with each other, and a SA-MP servers monitor from which you can view statistics of all the SA-MP servers and get a special signature for your favorite one

Advanced Coding

The SA-MP server is developed from scratch and is well-optimized and free from bugs. More to add, our SA-MP servers monitor is pretty clean, coded from scratch and reliable


We take security measurements while developing features, and we make sure that there are no bugs or errors that would result in security risks