Release Notes

V9.3.1 has been released!

Author: H2O, Published: 06/30/2019


- Organized inventory items, now items in /inv will no longer be displayed with gaps between items
- Dropping items through /inv will now drop only one item of the same kind and not all of them
- Items on the left column (nearby items) will now be displayed properly (accurate items detection)
- Modified the existing UI for inventory



- Removed the outdated hints from the random messages
- Removed the bridge roadblock between VIP base and USA
- Increased the first spawn loading time to 7.5 seconds
- Defusing dynamites process will now be instant and will reward 1 BP
- Medkits will now recover full HP and not 75.00 HPs only
- If the healing process is interrupted, health will not be reset
- Medkits cooldown will be reset if the healing process is interrupted
- Medkits will now be usable with any HP below 100.00
- Made the healing process more realistic
- Made the use of armour kits more realistic
- Organized the displayed statistics in /stats
- Replaced F.C. Gas zone with "Medical Center"
- Fixed a bug that resulted in some stats not being saved